App to watch Christian movies and series

The Jesus Film Project app allows you to enjoy Christian movies and series without the need to pay monthly fees or create an account. Simply download the app and start enjoying your favorite Christian series and movies.

One of the main features of the Jesus Film Project application is that it allows you to download content to watch later when you do not have an internet connection. According to the description of the application in Google Play and App Store:

The Jesus Film Project app is a full digital library of more than 200 full-length movies, miniseries, and short films produced to help the world know Jesus better. Everything on the app is free to watch, download, and share with anyone you meet, wherever you meet them.

We leave you some screenshots and the download links at the end:

1-Watch-christian-series-and-movies-with-jesus-film-project 2-Watch-christian-series-and-movies-with-jesus-film-project 3-Watch-christian-series-and-movies-with-jesus-film-project

Download for iPhone / iPad

Download for Android

Virtuous woman: Christian movie about strength and redemption
"Marked by fire": Film about the religious persecution of a woman in China

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