Jotta A claims to suffer hostilities and threats after coming out of the closet

It was international news and at the same time disappointing for a large number of followers, the fact that Jotta A, author of several Christian hits, has left his faith and musical career, to defend positions contrary to the Bible.

Recently, Jotta has expressed that due to his decision he has received threats from some users on social networks.

This information came to light after journalist Thiago Rocha, who specializes in uploading celebrity gossip, provided the information on the program “A Tarde é Sua”:

Since he came out gay, he has received many threats, of the most absurd things. There are death threats, dozens of hate messages and some people even wish he had stopped singing.

It was also highlighted that the singer has had to receive special treatment for the hatred created on social networks for leaving his musical ministry aside. Jotta also made some statements through his official Instagram:

I cannot stop sharing the pride that I have in being able to celebrate my first “June 28” out of the closet, I had no idea of the weight of carrying representativeness, until I heard stories from yourselves that you were also encouraged to live the freedom that I am living. I have a lot to learn, I am trying to learn more about the universe that I entered, my respect for everyone who has opened the cosmo, especially trans women, transvestites, drag queens, for myself and for you I am working hard … Very soon you will know me



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