Priscilla Alcantara leaves Christian music

The Christian music singer Priscila Alcantara expressed through an interview with Glamor magazine her intention to put Christian music aside and take charge of a more “open” project where she can deal with all kinds of people.

Priscila said she no longer wants her image to be associated with Christian music. The renowned record label Sony Music is already promoting Priscila Alcantara’s new facet as a secular artist: “Are you ready for a career in pop?” .

The singer will begin this other stage of her musical career with the release of her single “Tem Dias”. She also claimed to be tag-free:

Actually, if I tagged myself today … I’d say my tag is “free”. What you are? A gospel singer, secular? I am free! I am a free artist with roots to be able to travel wherever I want.

She also stated that before making the decision to sign with Sony she wanted to speak to God.

It’s been a while since my path brought me here, I’ve been looking for a different way to express my voice as an artist, because I want to talk to people, I want to talk to everyone. But first it was important to talk to Him.

The artist is happy with the beginning of her new career as a musical artist and expressed feeling free. What do you think of this decision by Priscilla Alcantara?

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