“We’re partying with Jesus”: new viral song from TikTok

Tiktok is a platform that thanks to its algorithm that works differently from other social networks, has helped many users to viralize many of their videos, and it is good to know that on this platform there is not only entertainment, but we can also find uplifting content.

This is the case of a Christian video that has gone viral on Tiktok, in which the song “We are celebrating with Jesus” is sung. At the time of writing this article, the video already has 4.5 million views, half a million “likes” and more than ten thousand comments:

@rosa_fernandez04♬ sonido original – Larosa_delsaron82

Many other users in the Tiktoker community have used this audio as a song for their videos:

@12leo97#viralparati #estamos de fiesta con Jesús#jóvenescristianos #agamosviralajesus♬ sonido original – Larosa_delsaron82

@pastorayesyAlábale que es temprano 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻♬ sonido original – Larosa_delsaron82

@lolyvaldess#amen #gloriaaDios #aleluya♬ sonido original – Larosa_delsaron82

But not everything is rosy. Many users use audio to make humorous videos and to perform improper movements, so one user made the following video:

@maribelrodripNo burla por favor🙏#labiblialodice #diostebendiga♬ sonido original – Larosa_delsaron82

The original video can be found on YouTube on the sisters’ channel, which is called La Rosa de Sarón:

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