Hillsong, Elevation Worship and Bethel Music preach a false gospel, assures christian singer

Christian singer Mackenzie Morgan criticized the behavior of the Hillsong music ministry in recent years, and also spoke of other ministries such as Elevation Worship and Bethel Music, saying they preach a false Gospel.

Among the statements Morgan made on social networks, she said that she used to listen to the songs of each of these Christian musical groups, but, when analyzing the lyrics of their songs, she realized that many of them contained certain teachings outside of true theology Biblical. Speaking of the Trinity theme in one of those songs she said:

“… I cannot support these churches like Elevation and the teachings of Steven Furtick, because of their belief in modalism, which is the belief that God is not one being and three persons, but that God changes in the ‘ways’ of each person of the Trinity. Friends, that is heresy ”.

Morgan pointed out that these churches also make the mistake of charging other churches to sing their songs. In addition, she also criticized their alleged false teachings, such as the prosperity gospel and other topics that do not belong to sound doctrine.

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