Animated film about Jesus to be translated into 250 languages

Chosen Witness is an animated Christian film from the Jesus Film Project that deals with the story of Jesus as told by Mary Magdalene.

It is available in about 38 languages and it is planned to be translated into about 250 languages so that more people can see this animated film. The film has seen its growth all over the world, for example in Southeast Asia, the Far East and South America, it has received great results.

Chosen Witness was released at Easter and received some 250,000 views in the first three weeks. The animation producer said:

This choice speaks of God’s heart for the world, of His desire for everyone to see Jesus. No one is excluded. Anyone could have a special place and calling in God’s mission to the world.

You can watch the film completely free on the Jesus Film Project YouTube channel or through their website

You can also see it through its app that you can get for free at the following links:

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