A song that asks to take us to the courts of the Lord

Take me: By Natalio Arias, it is a tremendous song that tells us about our desire to be in the Lord’s courts, to be able to praise Him and glorify His Holy Name for ever and ever.

This song takes us to moments when we need to be in the presence of God, to be able to stand before the Lord and worship with praise and say how good it is to be where His presence is.

Why be in His courts? Because there we will be able to worship with great freedom, as this song tells us, how good when we receive this great promise from the Lord for our lives, to be able to be taken to the courts of the Lord where we will be safe. There is freedom to sing this beautiful song in His presence.

In the same way we say over and over again: Take me to Your courts, where there I will be sure of being able to adore You, to sing and to be able to feel Your presence.

Let us all long to be in the courts of the Lord, it is very good to be able to feel His presence, because before His great presence we will be under the protection of the Lord and we will rest in Him. Here is the song so you can enjoy it:

Natalio Arias - Llévame

This song reminds us that we are free
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