Hillsong scandal series to be produced

“Breaking Hillsong” is the name of the new series based on The New York Post articles written by Hannah Frishberg, and will be broadcast on Discovery +.

The series will consist of 3 episodes where the disastrous events that have occurred in the Hillsong church are narrated. We will also see the recent events with Pastor Carl Lentz, who had to leave the leadership of Hillsong Church due to infidelities within the marriage.

According to Deadline this series will be produced in documentary format. They also gave information that the series will include the designer Ranin Karim, who had a love affair with pastor Carl Lentz for a period of 5 months.

In the series, in addition to Karim’s testimony, we will see brothers from that congregation giving testimony of the different abuses that were committed in the congregation, such as financial and labor exploitation, racism and corruption within the huge Hillsong church in New York .

It is very sad to say that something as sacred as the Church of Christ is involved in these types of scenarios and is the worldwide focus of many production companies, since this will not be the only production of this type, since Scout Productions also works on some documentaries where they seek to show the terrible culture of the megachurch.

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