11 Christian Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming platform (a Netflix but from Amazon so that it is better understood). Like Netflix and the other streaming platforms, it not only includes the movies that are regularly consumed by everyone, but it also contains important Christian films that we will show below.

It is also important to inform those who do not know that users who pay Amazon Prime automatically also have Amazon Prime Video available.

1-Pilgrim’s progress

This film is based on John Bunyan’s book “Pilgrim’s Progress”, one of the most successful fiction books of all time.

The film is about a man who has to leave his family to go out to find the heavenly city. Along the way he will see many difficulties and trials.

2-The hiding place

This is a movie based on the true story of Corrie ten Boom. It belongs to the terrible era of the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Holland in the Second World War.

At that time the ten Boom family joined the underground resistance to help save Jewish families that were persecuted by the Nazis. Their beautiful and terrible story is that they were arrested in the Nazi concentration camps, and there they had to hold tightly to their faith.

3- Priceless

This is a film with a very sensitive subject: “Human trafficking”. It is about a man who goes out to drive his truck across the country and later discovers that he was transporting two women. In the film we will also see a romantic angle.

This film is starred by Joel Smallbone from For King and Country and directed by Ben Smallbone.

4-Selfie Dad

It is about a father who is unemployed and goes viral after posting self-help videos on the internet. These videos lead him to be famous.

It is a Christian film that includes themes such as family, temptation and parenthood.

5- The Ultimate Gift

This film is based on a novel with the same name and is about a young man who inherits his grandfather’s fortune, but before receiving it he will have to perform acts of charity. It is starred by Lee Mariwether, Bill Cobbs, and James Garner.

6- Letters to God

“Letters to God” is about an eight-year-old cancer patient who writes a series of letters to God. These letters inspired the postman whom the boy asked to deliver the letters to God, and not only to the postman but to the community as well.

7. Joni (1979)

This is a film based on real life, and it is about Joni Eareckson Tada, who as a teenager was paralyzed after suffering a terrible diving accident, but this was not enough to stop her will to live, since thanks to her Christian faith and a new talent of learning to paint with the mouth remains hopeful.

8- Same Kind of Different As Me (2017)

Starring by Djimon Hounsou, Renée Zellweger, Jon Voigh, and Greg Kinnear. The film is about the true story of an international art dealer, who possessed wealth. He befriends a homeless man, who teaches him some Bible lessons on goodness, life, and forgiveness.

9- Where Hope Grows (2015)

It is about the story of a man with Down syndrome who works in a grocery store. This one will bring joy to the life of a former baseball player who has a strong fight against depression.

10- Passion of Christ (2004)

Mel Gibson was the director of this great production where the story of the last days of Jesus on earth is told, teaching, being crucified and resurrecting.

You will surely want to see it. It’s a great movie.

11- Run the Race (2019)

This is a film from a sports narrative that deals with two brothers who have to face a group of tragedies and there they have questions about faith and life.

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