Bad Bunny reveals he sang in a church choir

In a recent interview Bad Bunny sang some Christian songs that he performed as a child as he belonged to the choir of a Christian church.

According to the artist’s words, the experience of singing in a Christian choir began at 5 years of age and ended at 13 years of age. He also was able to remember the experiences lived at that time, he was even able to interpret some of the Christian choirs that he sang.

Bad Bunny especially highlighted the song that says: “If you had faith like a mustard seed”, talking about the good spiritual atmosphere that the faithful felt when he ended each service with this song. He also sang a bit of the song that says, “Jesus is passing by.”

The artist also emphasized the success he could have as a child as a singer of Christian music and apparently, in one of his concerts he was able to remember his childhood singing in the Christian choir and was able to improvise while singing: “I keep to God for that’s what rewards me… Everything I have is because Christ has given it to me, amen”.

For many, this Bad Bunny singing this verse with a Christian message was something very pleasant.

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