Church sings profane songs during worship service

Brazil is possibly the country that contains the most disappointing news in the religious area. This time it is a well-known worship ministry of the Goiânia House Church led by Davi Passamani, who in a service that was broadcast live on YouTube made a mix between secular songs and Christian songs.

This service began with the group Casa Worship, who performed an extract from the song “Paradise” by the British band Coldplay. Then they continued mixing, making a transition to Christian music, performing the song “Tudo é Teu” by Aline Barros; among other songs.

This was a surprise to those who were being part of the service, as they were able to see how in a Christian service secular and Christian songs were sung at the same time.

For the band this did not even seem to be an uncomfortable situation but a wave of modern and profane Christianity that they want to share today. One of the vocalists even took it so normal that said, “Get ready to be canceled.” These words showed that they were aware that this action would be widely criticized.

This congregation has already been involved in different problems that put the Gospel into question, for example, its pastor was involved in 2019 in accusations of s3xu4l h4r4ssm3nt.

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