Virtual reality game based on David and Goliath

David vs Goliath: Conquering giants, is the name of the first game from Virtuous VR Gaming.

The creator is Jarom Sidwell, who is one of those who makes the visual effect of the famous “Avengers”.

What is a David and Goliath game for? Understanding that youth love video games, the creators of David and Goliath understand that in this way people can learn more about this beautiful story and be filled with faith as it progresses.

Jarom Sidwell said that the games are fun and engaging. He also sees it as a powerful means of connecting with other people.

He also delved into the part that there are games that are “morally degrading”, and this of creating a Christian game is a way to tip the balance towards what is healthy and familiar, as Jarom stressed.

Sidwell has also worked on the visual effects for Avatar and the Hobbit. But according to God Tv, he has withdrawn from Hollywood to dedicate himself solely to educational content and family experience through virtual reality. The game synopsis says the following:

In ‘DvG’, players will be transported back in time as they embark on an entirely new and fully interactive adventure as they play the role of David, the young shepherd tasked with protecting his sheep, his family, and his country from the dangers of the outside world.

The game will have two levels of difficulty, one informal and the other intense. Users will defend themselves against ravenous wolves, ferocious lions (just as David had to do), and without a doubt, they will have to fight against Goliath himself. We invite you to see the trailer at the end of this article and visit the game’s website to find out how to acquire it.

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