Blasphemy of a soccer player: “There are many kings but only one God, me”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a renowned Swedish soccer player, has made unpleasant statements for religion through an interview with a famous media outlet. The athlete said: “I like to be selfish. There are many kings, but God there is only one and it is me. But without my teammates I’m not going anywhere, I know that”.

The athlete is absent from the Eurocup due to an injury that has affected him and he spoke those words in praise of his importance in the team. But in addition to that, it is said that he is an avowed atheist and that he makes such comments quite often.

Ibrahimovic does not come from an atheist family, on the contrary, his father is Muslim and his mother is Catholic. However, this has not fully influenced the athlete’s life.

Zlatan has excelled in football with his 39 years of age staying in good physical condition which is demonstrated by the 50 annual games he plays.

It is curious that even though the athlete considers himself an atheist, he wears two tattoos on his body; one that says: “Only God can judge me” and the other a Muslim word “Abdullah”, which means “Servant of Allah”.

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