Hector Delgado returns to music with a new Christian album

It has been 13 years for Hector Delgado, formerly known as “Hector el Father”, to record a new album, which is titled “La hora cero” (The Time Zero).

In an interview with Efe the artist stressed that the purpose of this album is that many people can get to know God to bring them closer to the church. The album that was released pasat friday, June 11, has ten songs. Hector highlighted that this album took 6 years to make:

More than a concern, God was the one who moved me to make the album. They were six years working on the album and it comes out at the perfect time.

He also talked about the maturity that comes through the years spiritually speaking and on this new album he feels that he is in that position of maturity.

Hector was able to savor what it is to reach the peak of fame, however, he is a living testimony that fame has its consequences and that fame is often obtained in a murky way. Hector is like a Saul, who being immersed in his dark sin, God could call him and he answered, and today he is a Paul of the Lord.

The singer has a peculiar way of thinking, and this led him not only to abandon secular music, but the rhythm of reggaeton as such, which means that the singer sees reggaeton as his old way of life, and that is why has been replaced it by praise.

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