“When You Speak”, Jeremy Camp’s new single

Jeremy Camp has produced multiple songs that have been a hit. The artist has also been able to stand out with the launch of a film that deals with his testimony, which is called “I Still Believe”.

His new song is titled “When you speak” and it tells us about a God who has mercy and who hears our prayers and offers us healing in the midst of our trials and difficulties.

When You Speak is just one of the songs Jeremy Camp will bring us on his new album. But, it is already available in advance from May 28, 2021.

Camp shared some words on social networks where he said that the song is the product of everything that happened in 2020:

I wrote this song in the midst of all the uncertainty that was going on. I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and not at peace. I felt the battle in my mind constantly.

The singer did not know how to overcome the situation he was going through and at that moment God called him to be calm in the middle of the storm and to learn what God wanted him to learn. In the same way this song calls us to have peace and to wait for the God who fights for us to act.

The release of this new album will be on October 9 of this year 2021.

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