New MercyMe album

The Christian song I can Only Imagine by the Christian band MercyMe, has been a hit for 20 years, so much so that a movie about it was produced (You can find it on Netflix). After that success the band has not stopped, but continues to work hard to inspire many people with their music.

The success of the song I can Only Imagine came from a moving story by Bar Millard, the group’s lead singer and songwriter, and producing a film of his personal testimony earned them a lot of support around the world.

They have also composed other emotional songs that have been able to inspire many people in the world, such as “Say I Won’t”, which is inspired by their friend Gary, who lost his limbs, and although this is something difficult to say for he and his friend, thought that it could be inspirational.

The group’s new album is called “Inhale (Exhale)” and it has taken two years to produce, thus being the longest project it has taken them to produce, due to the closure in 2020 and part of 2021 due to the pandemic.

When the pandemic hit, we kept saying ‘Man, we just want these forty-odd minutes of music so people can take a deep breath and leave whatever is going on at the door.’ We decided to call it “inhale, (exhale)” and the covering is like a pair of lungs. The funny thing is, when we did that, we didn’t even think of COVID as a respiratory illness initially, but it was like, ‘Wow, you know, it’s like the perfect snapshot for us and what we’ve been through this season.’

The new album features collaborations with artists such as Gloria Gaynor, among others. “Inhale (Exhale)” has been produced by Tedd T. Brown Bannister and Jordan Mohilowsk:

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