John Piper’s son goes viral on TikTok criticizing the gospel

Abraham Piper, son of famous theologian, preacher, and writer John Piper has become a TikTok star. Of course, it is a bit strange to read this, since of the children of legends of the preaching, we do not expect them to become stars of TikTok, rather we hope that something like Franklin Graham happens with them, who continued with the legacy of his father Billy Graham.

At the very least, if a son of a preacher of this caliber becomes a star on a social network like TikTok, you might think, “Well, maybe he’s taking advantage of this network to spread the gospel”. Well no. The Abraham Piper Videos look unconventional and in them he criticizes current evangelism.

Abraham Piper’s TikTok account has nearly a million followers at the time of writing (950,000), and some of his videos have reached one million and two million views. In one of the viral videos he says that most of today’s believers preach about hell, but they don’t believe in hell. Part of his statements say:

“If you indulge in even a simple banal luxury, you are showing that you don’t believe. How are you going to take your family to the Outback [restaurant] after church while millions of people are burned alive?”


Hey, everyone’s talkin about #hell right now. Fun! I wanna play… #comforting #nonreligious #secular #exfundie #exvangelical #exchristian

♬ original sound – Abraham Piper


In other videos he has also criticized the Christian education he had as a child, saying how we are taught that many things, including music, have some satanic message. The only thing left for us is to pray for God to do His work.

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