Hector “El Father” restores the homes of low-income families

The Vega Alta municipality, P.R., the Socioeconomic Development Office (ODSEC) and the Azriel foundation by Hector Delgado joined forces in a collaborative agreement to restore homes in the Bajuras Machuchal sector of Vega Alta.

In this agreement, the economic resources were provided by the Socioeconomic Development Office (ODSEC), while the Hector Delgado foundation was the one who carried out the work, for its part, the collection of debris and cleaning was carried out by the community.

According to vocero.com, one of the beneficiaries of this agreement was Mr. Alfredo Maldonado who, approximately four years ago, slept with his family under a blue canvas roof and thanks to this agreement the Maldonado family today enjoys a safe roof. Mayor Maria M. Vega Pagan commented:

I feel extremely happy and satisfied to have fulfilled a family desire that provides security and quality of life. In the run-up to Mother’s Day, this is a work that characterizes the human and sensitive side of public management.

In addition to thanking Hector Delgado on previous occasions for including the city in his social projects, Mr. Alfredo Maldonado also expressed his deepest gratitude for receiving his new home. In addition to the Maldonado family, other residents of the municipality will benefit from the repair of doors, windows and other minor works.

Other personalities also met at the site, such as: Yamil Liceaga, regional director of ODSEC, Delgado and Wilfredo Cameron of the Azriel Foundation.

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