Athletes sing Christian hymn to thank hotel staff

The New South Wales Rugby League had to be paralyzed for reasons of the pandemic as well as many other things in the world. This was suffered a lot by the Kaiviti Silktails team from Fiji who saw their aspirations frustrated after being the first team in the league to reach the competition qualifier.

However, the Kaiviti team has continued training during the quarantine due to the pandemic, so that once the competition restarts they can show their worth and continue to advance.

And that opportunity has already arrived, since the world part by part is experiencing a certain normality, and the same happens in Sydney, Australia, since the quarantine has been lifted in that town and therefore the team again has the opportunity to compete.

But the important thing is not to talk about the sport itself, but about a viral act that the players of this team did. They were staying at the Sofitel Wentworth hotel in quarantine, and before leaving the place they all went out to the balcony of their room and unanimously sang a Christian hymn in the form of thanks to the hotel staff.

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