Roberto Orellana asks for prayer for his wife

A few days ago, the renowned Christian music singer Roberto Orellana, shared through his Instagram account an image where his wife was on a stretcher in a hospital. In the post, Orellana commented:

After intense pain at night my wife Waleska will have surgery this morning !!! Your prayers !!! “.

Many of his followers expressed prayers and good comments asking God for the speedy recovery of his wife. And our prayer is that God be with her and with each one of the people who are suffering from some ailment right now.

Recently, Orellana shared another image of his wife on a stretcher, where he comments:

MEDICAL REPORT: The surgeon told me that everything went well and that she arrived at the hospital on time and that she will be discharged tomorrow if she recovers from the operation !! Thank you all for your prayers. I want to thank the surgeon and the great team and also Julissa and her husband Dr. FĂ©lix and also dr. Juan Caparro for his support for my Wife Waleska. ALL GLORY IS FOR GOD.

Glory to God for these advances in the health of the artist’s wife. Let us continue to pray for those who have ailments.

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