George Floyd’s brother participates in protest christian music album

For Terrence Floyd, the death of his brother George Floyd at the hand of an American policeman in the city of Minneapolis last May 2020 has been terrible, a death that triggered many protests in the United States in the midst of a pandemic and that continues to this day raising his voice under the slogan: Black Lives Matter.

Terrence Floyd has reported that since his brother’s death he had no recollection of the last time he sat down to play the drums. But, despite the sadness for the loss that will never cease to exist, Floyd’s brother has revealed that he will participate by lending his talent for an album of hymns that will be inspired by the manifestations of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He also expressed that although his brother’s heart no longer beats, his heart can beat for the deceased. He also reported that he wishes to pay tribute to his brother in different ways, be it in a march, in a song or by talking to someone.

The launch of this new musical project is planned for the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. It will have messages of racial justice. Kevin McCall, who is a reverend and civil rights activist, said:

Those protest songs that were created have been monumental. They created a movement and not just a moment.

The main single from the album is titled “No Justice No Peace”. This song is currently available on iTunes, Youtube and Amazon Music.

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