American rapper Pharrell Williams talks about his experience with the Holy Spirit

The famous rapper Pharrel Williams has expressed through a conversation with the Gospel singer Kirk Franklin, that Gospel music has had a great influence on him since he was a child and it helped him find a purpose in his life, he also spoke with the artist about his experience with the Holy Spirit.

It is good to note that in the year 2016 Pharrell had a debate with Kirk Franklin about faith, a debate in which they argued topics such as science, faith and the Bible, and apparently at that time, Pharrell did not have the same ideas as today.

This recent conversation took place through a Podcast entitled “Good Night with Kirk Franklin”, where the famous secular rapper detailed his experience with the Holy Spirit, using as an example a basketball field or a wave in the football stadium, concluding that the “Wave of the Holy Spirit” is totally superior to those intense moments in the stadium.

Going back to 2016, Pharrell explained that the church did not give enough credit to science. He even said that people should be taught that they should read God’s Word as a simple text and substitute that word for the universe and that that way it would make more sense.

But this time he affirms that in the Word of God there is power and that he continues to trust it:

I know there is power in that Word. I have experienced it. I have seen it.

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