Justice decides that “there was no religious intolerance” in the film of “Gay Jesus”

In 2019, the streaming platform Netflix posted on its site a Christmas special from the Brazilian company Porta dos Fundos entitled “The First Temptation of Christ.”

The film offends Christianity by portraying a gay Jesus, drunken disciples, and Mary as a prostitute.

The Don Bosco Center for Faith and Culture Association sued Netflix and the Porta Dos Fundos company to remove the film from the platform, however, it was never removed from it, and recently it has been reported that Judge Adriana Sucena Monteiro, of the 16th Civil Court of Rio de Janeiro, rejected this request to eliminate the film, saying that there was no religious intolerance.

The lawsuit demanded two million dollars, which corresponds to earnings that the film has had through the Netflix platform.

In the lawsuit and denied decision, the judge considered the fact that the film is not available to all the public, but that everyone has the choice to see it or not, since it is available on a platform of subscribers who pay a monthly fee.

Furthermore, it was also said that in such a case there was no “religious intolerance” and that this cannot be confused with “religious criticism”.

The lawyer for the Don Bosco Faith and Culture Association stressed that this is constitutionally aggressive with the values and feelings of Christians.

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