Creators of “The Chosen” open studio to produce Christian content

The Chosen has achieved worldwide success, thus managing to rub shoulders with secular Hollywood series, and the good news is that this project will not only remain in the series “The Chosen” but that its creators have formalized a film company where family Christian films will be produced.

The studio is called “Angel Studios” and, in addition to Christian content, another difference between this studio and Hollywood is that it is funded by the public and the public is the one who chooses what content this studio will create. Currently the study has received a help of 4,700 people for its creation.

Angel Studios is already producing some films, one of them called “The Shift” and the other “Tuttle Twins”, an animated children’s film. To this is also added a third comedy film “Dry Bar Comedy”.

All this gives us the opportunity to have a totally healthy content. And this is very good, since we need platforms and studies that provide us with content that contributes to society and not that destroys it. They also expressed:

The series has certainly sped up what we’ve always wanted to do. We wanted to build an alternative studio to Hollywood. It turned out that ‘The Chosen was a huge success and beyond what we expected. And we are very grateful.

All of these projects are expected to be successful just as The Chosen has.

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