Evan Craft drops new album

“Desperate” is the new production of Evan Craft and will be available in English and Spanish. This production will bring a message of hope and will be about urban music.

“These albums were a lot of fun to create because I got to work with friends from Latin America and with the Nashville music scene.” “I like mixing groups of people from different cultures, connecting with them and building bridges. I firmly believe that the music industry and listeners are open and ready for bilingual music with positive messages”. The singer commented on the realization of this production.

“This year is the culmination of a lot of effort, work, songs and dreams during the last years.” “I am excited to share my new songs with people and to work with great writers and songwriters. You can feel the electricity in the air and a feeling of great momentum driving this season”. He added.

The songs from the Desperate album will feature the collaboration of artists such as Redimi2, Danny Gokey, Meredith Andrews among others. The announcement of this album follows the announcement of his engagement to his girlfriend Rachel Jacoby. Here below we leave you the video of the song that bears the same name as the album:

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