Series about Jesus “The Chosen” surpasses 100 million views

The Christian series about Jesus “The Chosen” has reached another milestone, surpassing 100 million views. The series maintains a high index in its daily viewer audience and very positive comments.

It should be noted that The Chosen is the project outside of Hollywood that has received the most donations in all history, exceeding ten million dollars and has had the support of more than 300 thousand people.

The Chosen narrates the life of Jesus, emphasizing the people who were close while the Master was on earth. Great biblical characters such as Peter, Mary Magdalene and Nicodemus himself, who was a Pharisee who lacked some basic principles as a teacher of Israel.

The series now belongs to the high end of Hollywood television series. And as part of its successes, it has entered the privileged list of the 250 greatest series of all time on IMDb.

The first season was a resounding success, and in the same way also the second, since it had already raised more than 5 million dollars. About the third season, according to the Eternity News, almost a million dollars has already been raised.


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