“Destino Certo”, the new single from Thalles Roberto

Brazilian-born singer Thalles Roberto recently released his new single “Destino Certo” from his album “Luz”.

Thalles Roberto expressed how excited he is to record this new album. He also emphasized how joyful he feels to have the opportunity to carry the Lord’s message through music. The album “Luz” also has other songs like “Daniel” and “Coadjuvante”.

The new single has a modern worship beat. The song tells of a person who has spent his entire life failing and doing things his own way without thinking about the Lord. The message of it consists of a prayer that in the midst of that darkness we must ask the Lord to put us on the path, since He is safe and perfect.

The singer said about the song:

This song makes a lot of sense to me. I give my life every day to the Lord so that He guides me through the paths of life, I always trust that He will lead me to the ‘Right Destination’.

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