The Third Day: New video game that mocks of Jesus

This is not the first time that we will see a news where poeple mock of Jesus. This time it is a video game developed by Pan Studio. In the game “Jesus” is the main character and the objective is to unmask a plot.

The name of the game is The Third Day. Pan Studio released the game for computers and android systems on March 29, 2021. The release date was very specific for the producer, since it was the same Easter Sunday.

According to the game’s producers, the goal is to make the audience laugh. The description of it says that you will embark on a story in which you will have to conduct investigations to solve a huge conspiracy.

The company released a one-minute trailer so that people can visualize what the game will be like. It will have more than 40 characters, about 36 settings and more than 1,600 lines of dialogue.

Apparently many companies want to take advantage of the fame that the name of Jesus has in itself to make a scandal and publicize their projects. God have mercy on this kind of behavior.

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