Bible question and answer game “Heroes 2” available for download

As the years have passed, Christianity has been constantly growing in different ways. Christian cinema is no longer a novelty, every time we see productions that even surpass the secular ones, and not long ago we saw how “Christian games” are following the same theme of advancing.

A Christian game is good, since in the midst of a world that revolves around entertainment, we can have a totally healthy entertainment that helps us in our study of the Word of God.

This is the case with Sam Nevers, who created the mobile game “Heroes 2”, which is a trivia game. The dynamics of it is that a biblical character from the book of Genesis asks you 12 questions. Like every game in its normality, this includes different levels that are unlocked as you get the answers right.

The game is free is available for iOS devices and for Android. It is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. Download it below:

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