Mystery of the Kingdom of God – New 3D Christian Animated Movie

Adam Smit is a film director with a passion for martial arts and also for the Bible. This time he is working on a 3D animated movie that has to do with martial arts, but nothing related to the physical world, but rather to the spiritual one.

The film will be airing on March 26, 2021 for the moment only in the United States in twelve states: Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Alabama.

In the movie “Mystery of the Kingdom of God” we will see prophecies and biblical references, which include the books of Isaiah, Revelation, Matthew and Ezekiel.

According to Smit, this film has been produced for people who are not children, since it applies to both adults and children to be guided to the basis of Christianity: “The blood of Christ, the power of the cross and spiritual warfare”. We will also look at some questions of faith, such as salvation and how to become part of the kingdom of God in heaven.

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