Marcos Vidal presents DENKIA, a teaching channel

Marcos Vidal is a Spanish singer-songwriter of Christian music, he has been highlighted by several of his musical hits, such as: “Cara a cara”, “El milagro”, among many others. In addition to standing out in Christian music, he has also stood out as a preacher and pastor of the Salem Church in Spain.

The artist made a publication through his Instagram account announcing his new project: DENKIA. This new project will be broadcasting through his new YouTube channel called “Marcos Vidal DENKIA”.

The theme of it is to impart different teachings to the Lord’s church. As proof of this, he already has three videos explaining what the crucifixion was in all its depth.

Without a doubt, listening to Marcos is a great blessing, since his music has blessed us throughout all these years and we do not doubt that his wise studies will also continue to edify us to continue glorifying the Lord Jesus.

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