Dominican singer says he was in front of satan

The famous Dominican merenguero El Jeffrey, in an interview on “Alofoke Radio Show” made statements that have left a diversity of opinions. Some think that his words are lies and others are simply surprised.

Jeffrey explained that he had a conversation with Satan in the United States, who made him an offer. The artist continued to speak about supernatural experiences in his interview. He also spoke about cabals and other beliefs about luck.

His alleged experience with satan was detailed as follows:

“Satan came to my presence in the body of a person that I am not going to mention because he is excessively famous … He was playing at a party, there was Michael Jackson’s father, Joe, and Donald Trump … When the party ends one person comes and tells me -I can give you everything you want, Grammy, you will not miss anything, this thing that is here will be little- I will not deny that I was liking the proposal and my wife said: -no, you can’t give him anything”.

The artist narrated that at the time of the offer he felt hypnotized and that he was about to accept it, but his wife was there, who convinced him not to do so. He supposedly was so hypnotized that when leaving the place he had an accident:

We went out and I was driving and it seems that someone moved me and put her and when I wake up I am on top of her and she with the forehead on the highway. There I understood that he was hypoponizing me and my wife saved me.

The artist says that despite being tempted with these alleged offers, he believes he is a faithful believer of God, but not a religious one.

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