Christian singer attacked by her husband separates and does not want to return with him

This is the sad case of a Christian singer named Quesia Freitas, who unfortunately has been the victim of violence from her husband, who was filmed while beating the artist in a shopping center in Rio de Janeiro.

The artist has been marked by this fact, and does not want to continue being a victim of such abuse, for which she has agreed to legitimately separate from her husband, claiming that even if he changes, she would not return with him. In an interview Quesia Freitas stated the following:

And even if he changes, I don’t want him anymore. I still believe that having a husband or wife to start a family is the greatest gift God can give. But now I know that it is necessary to evaluate. There is no point in maintaining a situation like this [of violence] and staying married just to say you have a family.

She also said that her husband’s case is very complicated, but that in the hands of God and professional people she can achieve success, but still she would not return with him.

The artist has also expressed that she has not received advice on how to maintain the abusive relationship with her husband, to tie herself to him. Rather, people like her pastor have counseled her not to be in such an abusive relationship. Quesia in a way has also left advice for those women who are going through a similar situation:

When we’re going through this, we think we can cope, find a way, but we can’t. You cannot measure the strength of a woman with that of a man. They can beat us over and over again, until we die.

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