“Hold On To Me”, Lauren Daigle’s New Single

“Hold On To Me” is Lauren Daigle’s new single. This song was written with the aim of showing people that God is with us even in the most difficult moments.

It is good when we write songs, thinking that many people through them will be ministered with these words, since there are people who need the encouragement of the Lord, when they feel depressed, lacking a word from the Lord, songs like this arrive and transform the downcast soul.

Part of the song reads as follows: Hold me when it’s too dark to see you, when I’m sure I’ve reached the end, hold me, when I forget I need you; When you let go of me, hold me again.

“Hold on to Me” was written while Daigle was on tour, and this song is linked to another song that Daigle has called You Say, these songs can also be dedicated to other people.

Daigle expressed that the song was also written for people to hug each other, that they can make that song their own in times of difficulty.

Here is this new single by Lauren Daigle for you to enjoy:

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