“Prayer has power” replies daughter of Jorge Oñate to messages of support from fans

In our previous article regarding the state of health of the singer Jorge Oñate it was reported that he was in better condition and that miraculously, while Christian songs were playing, he began to blink.

His daughter, Zuleta Oñate, sent a message to his followers talking about the evolution of her father’s health, informing that his condition was still delicate, but despite this he was stable:

Neurologically he responds and we are waiting for a better response to the respiratory system. This is somewhat slower and has to be expected, but the evolution that he has had so far has been very important.

Despite all the overwhelming situation that the singer has had to go through, the family feels grateful that Jorge is still alive, fighting to be with them soon if that is God’s will. She also thanked the artist’s followers for the concern and firmness with which they have remained in this whole situation.

She explained that they have received messages from around the world and from all religions, expressing that they have kept praying for the singer’s situation. The singer’s daughter responded to this by asking that they not stop praying, since prayer has power.

We also pray for the recovery of this man according to the will of the Lord.

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