Jorge Oñate is still delicate, his son asks for prayers

The situation of the singer Jorge Oñate has not been easy, since he has been fighting for his life for more than a month due to the coronavirus, since it has damaged some organs and he is in a delicate state as reported by his relatives.

Despite the delicate situation, Christian music and prayer have been a blessing for Oñate’s life, even when the artist was in a coma, he reacted when listening to Christian music.

The truth is that his situation has worsened and that is why his children have repeatedly asked for prayers for Oñate.

Oñate’s son sent a video through his Instagram account asking for prayers for his father. In the video you can see him almost with tears asking to be accompanied to pray for his father, that the situation is very serious and that God is the only one who can perform the miracle and guide the specialists in this process.

In the video, he asked everyone who has not prayes to do it, since his father needs the prayers.

It only remains for us to continue supporting this family with our prayers so that the Lord will do according to His divine will.

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