Jorge Oñate blinks when listening to Christian music

The singer Jorge Oñate has been in serious condition due to an infection caused by the Coronavirus. Although he has been put into treatment and has responded to it improving in a certain way, his condition is still serious.

The good news was that when his daughter visited him, she put Christian music and he blinked a little after listening to said music.

Through this visit from his daughter, the doctors allowed her to sing and play music, and in this way the artist blinked trying to communicate with his loved ones. In this way they see improvement in the artist and that God is doing his work there.

Despite his serious condition, the clinic where he is hospitalized has reported that Oñate is in improvement, since all of his vital signs are in perfect condition.

As is common on social networks, some tabloid pages had published that the artist had died. Well no, although his condition is serious and has affected his lungs and kidneys, he has already been treated for it and shows improvement.

Let us pray for all the sick, especially for those who are struggling between life and death due to the coronavirus or any other disease. God is good!

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