The poem Shakira wrote for God when she was eleven years old

Recently a poem by the famous Colombian singer Shakira was found, at which time she was only 11 years old. According to information, the singer had a Catholic upbringing, and this poem was shown by her mother Olga through Terra TV. Olga claims to have taught Shakira classes.

The singer’s poem is a sample of the talent she has since she was little to write and also her faith in God at that age. Her word talent for her to write only at the age of 11 is a testament to her potential.

Carta escrita por Shakira para Dios

Not everything was so easy in singing

Sometimes we don’t know the story behind those who have achieved success. For example, Shakira was surrounded by people who told her that she had no talent for singing, comparing her voice with that of a goat because of the strong vibrato she possesses, as detailed by Shakira in the 60 minutes program.

Despite her ups and downs, today the artist has won several international awards as a reward for her talent and career.

Let’s hope that the singer will one day give those talents and her life to the Lord, for whom is worth working.

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