“God is bigger than any disease”, declares Alex Campos after his father’s recovery

Christian singer-songwriter Alex Campos, writer of the hit “Al taller del Maestro”, had reported through his social networks the serious state of his father’s health due to the coronavirus, but then the artist had reported that God had performed the miracle.

Alex Campos made a gesture of humility when he appeared at said hospital where his father was inmate singing praises after he learned that his father was already in perfect condition.

The song with which he encouraged the sick was precisely “Al taller del Maestro”, with which he worshiped the Lord bringing hope to the sick due to the coronavirus and making them understand that there is a God of miracles for whom there is no great disease nor fearsome.

In addition to the gesture of the hospital, the singer also declared through YouTube the greatness of that God of miracles by conducting a campaign in which prayers were made for those people who are sick from the coronavirus.

Now Alex’s father is completely healthy and it is our prayer that the Lord bring healing to all those who are going through difficult times of illness.

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