Christian singer Alex Campos carries a message of faith in the corridors of a hospital

Alex Campos is a Christian singer known worldwide for his great repertoire of Christian songs that have been played millions of times over the years. A video has recently gone viral where the singer is seen in a hospital corridor with a guitar in hand singing praises.

Several viral videos of this nature have already been made, with doctors singing, preachers praying, etc. But I think it is the first time that an artist of the caliber of Alex Campos appears singing in the corridors of a hospital. You have to know in the first place that all the glory belongs to God and that nobody is great. But you also have to know that when these artists grow so much it is difficult to see them in this situation, and that is why what Alex Campos has done is very beautiful.

It should be noted that the artist’s father had been interned in the hospital where Alex Campos appears playing, he was in intensive care but has already recovered and is in stable condition.

Alex sang praises in the center, singing of the great things of God, expressing that God is greater than any disease and fear.

This is a message of humility and hope

In the midst of all this situation that we are experiencing, we thank God that there are people who risk going to a medical center to bring a message of hope to all those people who really need it. Glory to God, because He is great, and greater than any disease or fear.

"God is bigger than any disease", declares Alex Campos after his father's recovery
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