Kanye West sued for failing to pay Sunday service workers

According to information from ABC, renowned rapper Kanye West has received multiple lawsuits for not paying Sunday service workers at the church he pastors. The sum that Kanye West will have to pay is $ 30 million.

We are talking about a class action lawsuit filed in the California Supreme Court in 2020 where 500 artists and more than 300 workers who did not receive their payments after rendering their services. They also complain that the conditions in which they worked were not worthy, since they did not have seats at work, they did not have transportation, and they were also owed overtime, lunch breaks and other expenses for the work they performed.

Kanye West may not be directly involved with this situation and may not even be aware of it. Kanye West already has a few chapters in which he is involved in some kind of problem. Hopefully and this gray panorama can change very soon.

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