Man curses God and insults baby after losing in video game

Buckkerz is a Twitch streamer who is not well known, however, a video of his has gone viral where he curses God and insults his baby after losing in a video game.

The young man was playing Madden 21, and at that moment, when he lost a game he says “God damn it” and at the same time he rages against his little son.

Seeing how the video went viral, the young man deleted all his content, his social networks and changed the name of his Twitch channel to “Iamsorry123456”.

There are already many YouTubers who have raised their voices through social networks against this type of action.

A fact to note is that many of the people who are dedicated only to stream playing a video game, create irritable and violent behavior. Although it is true that many of these creators earn money through the platform since they have it as their only source of income.

It is very unfortunate to see cases like this happen. Here we share the video:


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