This man plays the piano to praise God despite his disability

Bart Gee is a man who suffers from arthrogryposis, a syndrome that causes his muscles to not develop properly, so he cannot stand up or hold anything with his hands.

The doctors said that Bart would never walk nor did they know if he would have the strength to even sit up. According to this diagnosis, playing the piano was going to be impossible, since it was not known whether Gee would develop the strength to press a key.

But, against all odds, at the age of five Bart Gee began to play the piano and little by little he managed to do more things. He was able to become a talented pianist despite his physical condition. He can also play sports like table tennis, billiards, swimming and even completed three triathlons. If all this sounds impressive to you, he also drives a car.

Bart Gee’s testimony has transformed many people and his music has been a blessing, as there are testimonies of people who have been strengthened and helped through it.

Let us ask God to help us to be like Bart, he achieved what others believed impossible. How many people have more physical capabilities and resources than Bart but give up at the first obstacle? May our God help us, increase our faith and help us to be a blessing to others as Bart Gee has been:


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