Accusations to deacon jailed for singing outdoors were dropped

There are countries where the church has suffered some persecution in the covid-19 pandemic. In the United States, some have even gone to jail for allegedly violating health protocols, as is the case of a deacon from a church in the United States who was imprisoned for singing outdoors without a mask.

The event had approximately 200 people, and Gabriel Rench, who was arrested, offered some statements about what happened:

We had sung the Psalm in the past under the same resolution [with a mask] and they didn’t arrest us, they didn’t warn us … We were simply taking our constitutional liberties to do what we are allowed to do according to the Constitution: worship.

Michael Jacques detailed that the city was very eager to provide a kind of example of the Church’s opposition to its restrictions and laws by Covid-19 that did not follow the exemptions articulated by the law.

In addition to Rench, more worshipers were arrested and others with a summons.

It is very hard what churches in the United States and around the world are suffering with these new regimes, since many times they want to deprive us of our right to worship the name of God, a right that constitutionally and democratically belongs to us.

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