Alleged infidelity of Kanye West is denied

In recent months the singer Kanye West has beenĀ in different rumors of problems in his marriage with Kim Kardashian. One of the most recent rumors has been that he allegedly cheated on Kim with someone of the male sex, and it is a businessman YouTuber Jeffree Star, who resides in Wyoming like Kanye.

The rumor was born after a famous TikToker named Ava Louise published a post hinting that the artist was dating a male stylist.

Jeffree, seeing the networks burning on fire with this issue, spoke about it with the following words:

I woke up and my cell phone was on fire and it was like, ‘My God, what scandal am I in today?’ I had no idea, I’m just living in this beautiful state [Wyoming]. I love my life. This rumor is the dumbest thing I have ever read. I’m single, I don’t sleep with anyone. I like tall men, Kanye and I could never date, although this all seems like fun to me.

Things like these discredit the singer, who now claims to dedicate himself to the Lord and to Christian music.

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