Testimony of pastor recovered from covid-19 turned into HolyWood film

We’ve already seen great testimonials hit the big screen, but one that has to do with the recent pandemic? This is the first! It is about a pastor from Northern Ireland, specifically from Ark Church, who was between life and death due to the effect of the coronavirus.

This pastor had already lost hope according to what is said, but someone who belonged to the cleaning staff of the medical center where he was, was a missionary and he began to minister to him and as time passed the pastor recovered completely.

Lee McClelland had filmed and uploaded a video explaining what he was going through with the coronavirus and this video went viral, garnering millions of views and incredibly watched by a famous HolyWood producer named DeVon Franklyn.

According to the Sundays Times, DeVon contacted the pastor to make this great healing miracle a moving movie.

It is not the first time that Franklyn goes for a story of faith, since he has bet on two films that have been very box office, recovering more than 50 million dollars: “Unbreakable love” and “Miracles from heaven”, both films based in real life stories of faith.

The film about McClelland’s testimony could arrive on Netflix by the end of 2021. Randy Brown, writer of the script for “Miracles from Heaven” will be the one who will write the script for the film of McClelland’s testimony. A name for this film has not yet been chosen.


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