Christian singer Danay Suárez free after trial for LGTBI complaint

Danay Suárez is a famous evangelical rapper who has risen to fame after her participation in the Chilean festival Viña del Mar, and it was precisely there that she had to sing a song, but the artist decided to change it for a song that criticized abortion: “a right path to murder” and “a path that leads to perdition”. The artist was victorious in the competition and said the following words:

Today a spiritual war has been waged for the salvation of Chile.

The artist had the opportunity to win two awards at the festival, in addition, she has already been nominated 4 times at the Latin Grammys. Also the singer has reaped a success that has become a classic in Cuba “I learned”.

The singer said through her Facebook account that she also belonged to that group of people who question everything about God, but God’s time has come and that is why she has awakened to know the truth.

Danay deals with many sensitive topics in her songs, such as abortion, and is also felt on her social networks, since through them she warned about the LGBT movement and the pedophile movement, which have a similar slogan: “Love is love”.

The artist has even received death threats for defending her beliefs and going against these movements.

On the other hand, the artist was denounced as a person who promotes hatred and discrimination, however, none of this was enough and it was determined that Danay has not violated any code.

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