Actress converts and now preaches in prisons

And if we were to tell a great story, today we can tell a bit that of the actress Cally Magalhaes, who in 1998 went to Brazil to work with street children, and at that time God touched her heart and it was there that she felt the call.

Today, Cally directs a psychodrama in one of Brazil’s prisons.

The actress highlighted this fact as crazy, since she did not know anything about Brazil and did not know how to speak the Portuguese language, but she was already involved with the local church, but, regardless of all the obstacles and ignorance, she knew that she had to be there. .

She asked the Lord for a sign and says that sign was promptly responded to, since while she was walking down a street in England she saw a yellow sign that said “Brazil.”

But not everything looks rosy, when it comes to an important work there will always be impediments and things that will want to cloud our thoughts so that we do not do the things that God has already determined. And Cally, she was going to find those terrors, because when she settled in Brazil, in a poor neighborhood, she had to witness the death of about 9 people.

But none of this was enough to stop God’s plans, since in that moment she felt that peace that accompanied her, the peace of Jesus.

She currently continues with the great mission, taking the Gospel in the prisons of Brazil and directing a psychodrama program.

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