Netflix promotes series about witches by saying “Praise Satan”

Netflix, the world’s largest series and movies platform, has all the fish that may exist in the sea, I mean, it has everything from Christian movies and series to diabolical movies and series, Netflix has everything!, so much we can’t imagine.

Do you remember the Sabrina series? If you are from the 90s probably yes, a series that seemed somewhat healthy within what it fits. This series has been re-recorded adapted to the current world, since it includes worship of Satan, homosexuality, etc.

In the series the phrases “praise satan” and “hail satan” are said over and over again and this has led some believers to think that Netflix is looking for a way to deny biblical principles by introducing devil worship. Even through an Instagram post the series was promoted with that same phrase.

In the series they also refer to God as “the false God” and it is taught that God lied to Adam and Eve when He told them not eat from the forbidden tree since they did not literally die, in short, a shameful attempt on the part of the writer for discrediting the Bible.

On the other hand, there are the believers who say that this is not an attack on the Christian faith, but rather a simple series that deals with witchcraft. What do you think?

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