Kanye West and Lauren Daigle, dominant Christian singers on top christian singers by Billboard

Already is available the top Billboard for singers of Christian music, as Kanye West and Lauren Daigle are the most dominant in this category.

Probably all that who heard about Kanye knows that more than a year ago he announced that he serves the Lord. In fact, in 2019 he dropped a Christian music album called “Jesus is King” which has remained throughout the year in the first place and is again among the best.

West took the top spot, on top of high caliber singers like Kirk Franklin and Tasha Cobbs Leonard in the category of “Top Christian¬†Gospel”. And the same Christian artist now occupies the first place in the category of the best male Gospel artist.

The success of the Jesus is King album has been shown to be selected in 2019 in the three categories of this segmentation: Gospel album, Billboard 200 and Christian album.

On the other hand we have the christian singer Lauren Daigle, who kept her song “You say” on top, and has been awarded as the best christian singer this year, including above Kanye West.

In fact, Daigle’s success was so resounding that she settled in the secular area, which she worked on top of renowned secular artists such as Drake, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

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